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Welcome to the eLearning website on “Compliance Management of Confined Field Trials”!

Compliance management of confined field trials of genetically engineered crops is extremely important for ensuring safe conduct of such trials. This eLearning module has been prepared to inform about “Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures for the Conduct of Confined Field Trials of Regulated, Genetically Engineered plants in India” with an objective to strengthen the management and monitoring of confined field trials of GE crops in the country. Going through the course shall be extremely useful for Trial in charges and all those engaged in the conduct of confined field trials, members of the various committees at centre and state levels associated with approval and/or monitoring, scientists from public and private sector engaged in research on GM crops and stakeholders in general including students.

Self-Assessments following each lesson will provide feedback to the learner and will provide the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the material.

The ‘Getting Started guide’ has been prepared to help you become familiar with the program.

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